Leading policy initiatives that strengthen the health care system. 

Primary care is not only the centerpiece of meaningful health care reform, but also contributes greatly to economic development, better health and across the board health care savings. As policy leaders continue to recognize the need for investment in primary care as a means to control health care costs, PCDC continues to strengthen its policy and advocacy efforts in New York State and beyond.

Advocating for change. As a founding member of the New York State Primary Care Coalition in partnership with five statewide primary care organizations, PCDC and fellow members educate policymakers through public testimony and policy briefs, and lead strategic communication efforts that inform the public and the media about key primary issues. The Coalition strongly advocates for:

   • Increase reimbursement for primary care services
   • Expansion of primary care infrastructure and workforce capacity
   • Promotion of the patient-centered medical home and health IT
   • Expansion of insurance coverage, particularly for the underserved

Publishing expert research: conduct independent research for and about the primary care sector, helping leaders make informed decisions about programs and services, resources, and public policy.

Educating policymakers: regarding the importance of primary care at the local, state and federal levels through public testimony, open discussions, public forums, and events.